Five tips to take your copy from shonky to spectacular!

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Hello from Home! 

Hi, we’re Laura and Becca. Storytellers, copy coaches and PR pitchers unapologetically obsessed with words, stories and connecting brands with their ideal customers.

Great businesses deserve great copy. Let’s face it, life’s confusing enough without complicated copy and too short for words that don’t inspire action. So whether you’ve come down with a bout of blank page paralysis, you’re caught in a crisis or wrestling with the fundamentals of your story, fear not! No matter what chapter you’re on, we can help ‘cos this is our jam. 

Three years ago we both leaped from the corporate treadmill, which wasn’t taking us to where we wanted to be, to go it alone and using our three decades of experience we’ve built a business we’re proud of - founded on creativity and curiosity - through word-of-mouth recommendations. 

We’re pretty picky. We’ve learned to follow our instincts, never spreading ourselves too thin and taking a quality over quantity approach to business (and life). Brands entrust us with their reputation and love us for our honesty, straight-talking and unshakeable zest for life. 

The beating heart of our business is a fierce friendship, driving us forward as we imperfectly navigate the rollercoaster ride of life, entrepreneurship and motherhood. The upsides and downsides are all part of the story and we can help you use them to make your story truly spectacular.