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PR consultancy

We’ve been the client and know full well the importance of a consultant adding real value, in a way that fits the organisation. So that’s what we do. We work with our clients to fit the needs of their business, from ad-hoc projects to longer-term monthly retainers.


Press Office

Busy, high pressured, need it yesterday environment, where every decision you make has a repetitional risk. We can help you structure your press office and establish the processes that work. Having worked in and managed high pressured press offices, we can support you and your team.


Editorial + copywriting

Good copywriting is so much more than just putting words on a page - it narrates your brands, weaving together your tone of voice, values and key messages. We work with our clients to develop a narrative and create content that is meaningful, engaging and that the desired audience can connect with.


Social media + digital communications

When it's done right, telling your brand story online can be invaluable, helping you to reach customers and audiences, within moments and without a huge cost. We work with our clients to review, plan and create campaigns to achieve customer conversions, improved brand loyalty and awareness through engaging and meaningful content.



A considered, regularly reviewed communication strategy can help to shape an organisation's messaging, aligned to business goals and ultimately making a fundamental difference to achieving success. We work closely with our clients to create the right strategy - a storyboard for their business - and relevant, meaningful plans to create and deliver no-nonsense PR, marketing and communication activity.


Brand development

Good branding helps businesses to connect with their audience, customers and staff. Branding is the way people perceive you when they think of your company name, service or product so your brand journey should look at every aspect of interaction. Whether you're a new company starting from scratch, or an existing company in need of a refresh or a total brand overhaul we can help, every step of the way.


Collaboration + partnerships

Home PR is itself a partnership - we value the power or working together. We've been working in partnership with organisations for years, working to achieve a common goal while sharing ideas and developing skills. We also appreciate the complexities of joint projects and multi-sponsor activation - it isn't always simple, but we can help make collaboration and partnerships beneficial and effective.


Creative consultancy

When it comes to getting creative, we work with some of the best in the business to help us turn concepts into reality. From commercial and lifestyle photographers, event production and stylists, to graphic designers, digital artworkers and illustrators, we work together with our wider creative family to give you beautiful, commercially effective solutions.


Events + launches

Events are a hugely important part of most marketing strategies. From product launches, programme announcements to exhibition openings and media calls, events offer an in-person experience which can generate reaction and interest immediately, helping to bring your story to life. We work with our clients on every aspect of their event, including promotion and publicity, to management and styling.