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How to navigate social media during times of uncertainty 

What should you say on social media when it isn’t business as usual? As we navigate our way through uncertainty, as a society and as businesses, it can be hard to know what to say. Should you keep posting on social media? If so, what? Because nothing feels quite right at the moment does it?

However, with so many people at home and using social media more than ever to stay connected, now is the right time to increase your online presence and nurture the conversation with your friends, customers and potential audience.  


Now is the time to be agile, nimble and ready to embrace what could be an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses. This is the moment to finish those tasks that've slipped down your list because you’ve been caught up in everything else (no judging here, we’re guilty of that ourselves).

By showing up on social media, not only can you offer support and connection to other small business owners, potential customers and friends, you can use the time to grow your following and practice fine-tuning your content so by the time we’re ready to emerge into this brand new era, you’ll be a dab hand at producing meaningful content. If you’re struggling to think what to post, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve pulled together some ideas to get you started, with quick tips and a month-long guide of suggestions, themes and example posts to prompt you along the way.

We know there'll be good days where we feel upbeat and productive and equally some more difficult days where we feel stuck, powerless and totally unmotivated. Use this tool to kick-start your content in these uncertain times.  

To practice what we preach, we’ve been using these themes too! So come say hello @Stories_From_Home 

To download the free guide - click here.  

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