Five tips to take your copy from shonky to spectacular!

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Home PR - 21st August 2019-138

We're called Home because we believe home is where creativity, storytelling and dreams are born and nurtured. The foundations upon which our stories - both life and business - are imagined, written and become universal successes!

These are our musings - as PRs, storytellers, dreamers, doers, entrepreneurs, mothers, friends - and stories from life and home.  

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The Home Edit: Five tips to take your copy from shonky to spectacular

It's time for a Home Edit, a makeover of your copy, because if not now, then when? Download our five tips to take your copy from shonky to spectacular now.

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The joy is in the journey

We all love an easy day, a restful holiday and no worries. But often, when the climb is hard, it often leads to the most incredible views. This printable may prompt you to focus on those things you can control.

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Staying social at home

What should we say on social media when it isn’t business as usual? As we navigate our way through uncertainty, as a society and as a business, it can be hard to know what to say. Download our free guide to help you to stay social at home.

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