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The joy is in the journey! 

My bike is proving to be my joyful companion during lockdown days! Mainly because it evokes feelings of sunny days, holidays in France and carefree weekends.

We all love an easy day, a restful holiday and no worries. But often, when the climb is hard, it leads to the most incredible views.

As my daily bike rides become the highlight of these strange spring days, and we all struggle with the unknown of what lays ahead, this quote is helping me to focus on each day.

You don’t always need to know where you’re going to enjoy the ride. So while this part of our journey has taken a little detour, and we don’t know when we’ll reach our planned destination, maybe we’re meant to see something extra special along the way. 

To help us to focus on those things that we can control - such as gratitude and acts of kindness - we've created a daily printable to help focus our mind. To download the free printable click here.  

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